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Hi and welcome to my site. My name is Alex and AVDL are my initials. I am a software developer based in Marbella in the South of Spain. I have been building software applications since the early 90s and websites and web applications since 1996. I made web development my profession in 2008.

If you have the idea for an application, want to start an on-line business, need a website to represent your existing business on-line or look to move your office to the cloud, you have come to the right place.

Feel free to contact me in English, Spanish, Dutch or German

Websites & Web applications

I create aplications and modern websites, Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Content Management Systems (CMS), CRM plugins, Payment gateway integrations, E-commerce websites, Real Estate websites, and web portals.

I can modernize and improve your business processes and save you on staff and resources.


I build websites with different degrees of accessibility depending on the industry and/or government requirements. My websites are optimized for the search engines with build in features that the search engines find easy to index.

My websites comply with the new European data protection legislation.

Hire me for Programming work

As a full stack developer contact me for PHP programming jobs. I use the Codeigniter and Yii frameworks to develop professional web applications. I am also proficient in JavaScript, JQuery, Xhtml, Html(5) & CSS(3) and MySql relational databases.

I am experienced in team work, using bitbucket and sourcetree and working remote. I have worked with teams in the EU, the USA and South America.


Just like other crafts or disciplines demand certain quality standards so does creating applications and websites for the World Wide Web. My websites are valid and built according to the guidelines of the W3C.

It goes without saying that all my work adheres to all the current security standards to protect agains attacks and viruses. My coding complies with the PSR coding standards.

My work

I have worked on 100s of sites. The following are a quick look into the past with some of the (cool or special) web-projects I built over the past 10 years.
E commerce Website
Business Website
Financial web application
E-commerce Website
Online TravelWebsite
Real estate Website
Online Auction
Online shop
Business website
Nail Business Website
Real Estate Website in Russian
City guide
E-commerce Website
Small Business Website
E commerce eco shop

My Skills

To develop websites and applications a combination of different skills is required. With the internet and underlying technologies growing at a staggering rate, the different types of skills and techniques needed to build quality (and safe) websites have grown in proportion.

It has come to a point that it is difficult for just one person to master all those skills at a professional level.

I therefore work together with a group of web-artisans, artists and programmers to share certain tasks. As a full stack developer my personal strengths & weaknesses could be summed up as follows:


Back-end development, PHP is my language and CI is my framework. I have more than 10 years of experience


Design, I do like design but I am not a professional and rather get one of my designers to do the job.


Front-end, bring on the JS, JQUERY and CSS or even the REACT


Answering E-mails, speaks for itself just give me a call.


I am available for new projects, just give me a call or drop me a line.

Drop me a line

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You can also give me a call at: +34-655-357-948